Prepare for Cambridge exam with Test&Train

Taking a Cambridge exam this year?
Need to feel confident that you are well prepared on the day of the test?

Test&Train is the novel exam preparation pack specially designed by Cambridge University Press & Assessment to enable effective preparation and boosting the candidate’s performance. It enables candidates to work independently, but it also gives schools and teachers an unprecedented edge in terms of efficiency of exam preparation courses.

Thanks to the initiative and unreserved support of John Mc Neill and Joel Cutting of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Test&Train and Cambridge One platform made an early appearance in Serbia as well.  

The benefits of the new product for candidates and teachers were overwhelmingly confirmed in the comprehensive trial of the product at Blackbird Language School in spring 2021, involving 70 candidates at B2 First and C1 Advanced levels.

While clear tutorials, ease of use, great flexibility and up-to-date materials were among the main advantages reported by the candidates, all of the users also stated that Test&Train significantly helped their motivation and feeling of self-confidence.

The teachers engaged in the trial welcomed the ease of setting up a group of students, the automated feedback and real-time insight into students’ activities and performance, but also the reassurance of using proven premium test preparation materials. 

Recently,  the value of the product was acknowledged by the Excalibur Exam Centre.
The Centre Examinations Manager Julkica Nadlački says: “Knowing the importance of good quality exam preparation, we wanted to offer a special benefit to candidates registering for Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced in the March 2022 session.

After consulting with the Tempest bookstore, we opted for Test&Train and the response was really very good – as a result, a number of schools, teachers and candidates will be using the new preparation pack for improved efficiency in the forthcoming testing session.”

Text by Ljubomir Vasojević