Workshop by Ljubomir Vasojević – ELTA Conference May 13-14, Belgrade

The Cambridge English Panoply

Challenge is inherent to ELT and it is a foregone conclusion that English teaching professionals are very well adapted to it. Over the years, we have developed strategies to cope with the requirements of the changing EFL setting, continually furthering the quality of our teaching outputs.

The magnitude of the recent changes has emphasised the need for not only effective tools, but also an effective strategy in combining different teaching resources.

Every tool is only as effective as its user’s competences would allow it, and it may be argued that an optimum panoply integrating a number of teaching resources is nowadays more important than ever before.

‘We teach as one’ is the concept promoted by Cambridge One, the new Cambridge English resource platform, offering comprehensive and highly effective solutions developed by the world’s leading ELT authority.

In the workshop titled ‘The Cambridge English Panoply’ we take a close look at the current and developing offer of free and commercial resources for ELT professionals, enabling teachers to envisage their classroom of the future and successfully combine different formats and settings, from live to hybrid, to blended and online teaching activities.

A number of uniquely valuable insights will be provided through experiences of local teachers and students who participated in trial sessions of some of the selected titles and resources, the workshop will also reflect on the importance of transition in one’s teaching practices, to accommodate both the traditional, the modern and the next-generation teaching tools.